Asam Pedas Adabi@Hot & Tangy Paste


Dried chilli,shallot,garlic,tamarind,shrimp paste,ginger,turmeric,salt,cooking oil

Cooking instruction:

Asam Pedas Sanma(also okay for me)….

1)Heat 1 tablespoonof oil.Saute 1 packet of Perencah Asam pedas(70 gm) until the oil appears(use medium heat)

2)Pour in 250ml(1 1/4 cup) of water stir well and let to boil.

3)Put in 200gm of fish,3 piecesof lady’s finger and 4 stalks of laksa leaves(daun kesum)

4)Lower the heat,let it simmer for 2 minutes and serve while it’s hot.

*Suitable types of fishes are sting ray(pari),spanish mackerel(tenggiri) ,mackerel(kembung) or herring(terubuk).You may also add ginger bud.

*For chicken/meat Asam Pedas,substitute laksa leaves with kaffir lime.


~ by sirasain on July 27, 2007.

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